On June 26th, 2015, the New York Oath Keepers held their ‘First Annual Awards Dinner’ in Albany, New York. At that dinner, the following three constitutional awards were given out: THE EAGLE AWARD – Given to individuals who have given decades of their lives to protecting and defendIng the U.S. Constitution and the New York […]

The First Annual NY Oath Keepers Awards Dinner, with Stewart Rhodes. FULL LENGTH VIDEO. Albany, New York June 26, 2015. Moderated by John Wallace, President, NY Oath Keepers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1PeL27c83c NY Oath Keepers honors some of our fellow citizens, who at one or more times in their lives, have taken an Oath to support and defend […]

Oath Keepers from New York are holding their First Annual Awards Dinner in Albany, NY on June 26th. Coming to this event will be fellow Oath Keepers from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Montana as well as Constitutional and Liberty activists from the following organizations; Shooters Committee on Political Education (SCOPE), We the People of […]

Click on the link below to buy a ticket before they are gone: http://www.newyorkoathkeepers.com/NYOK-AnnualAwardsDinner.html

A special thanks to two ‘GOLD SPONSORS’ of our First Annual Awards Dinner who by their generosity are making this event a success: New York Oath Keepers of Columbia-Greene counties: OATH KEEPERS OF COLUMBIA-GREENE COUNTIES NY Chatham, NY 127 Oath Keepers Welcome to Oath Keepers website for Columbia and Greene Coujties. Oath Keepers is a […]

NEW YORK OATH KEEPERS FIRST ANNUAL AWARDS DINNER UPDATE: If you want to reserve a room at the Marriott hotel on the night of the dinner, call this lady on Monday (TODAY) The Marriott Hotel has been kind enough to extend the reduced room rate for members attending the NYOK Annual Dinner on June 26th. […]

The United States Constitution doesn’t contain thousands of pages of meaningless legal jargon, like most of the federal legislation written today, but rather it was written so that every American could easily understand it. It clearly limits the power of the federal government by only giving it very specific, enumerated powers. All other powers are […]

Today, the New York Oath Keepers have announced the recipients of their constitutional awards to be given at their first annual awards dinner to be held at the Marriott Hotel, on Wolf Road, in Albany on June 26th at 7:00 PM. http://www.newyorkoathkeepers.com/NYOK-AnnualAwardsDinner.html   FOUR AWARDS WILL BE GIVEN OUT THAT EVENING. —– THE EAGLE AWARD: […]

HERE’S WHAT WE HAVE SO FAR: —————————————– THE EAGLE AWARD – Given to individuals who have given decades of their lives to protecting And defendng the U.S. Constitution and the New York State Constitution. RECIPIENT – ROBERT SCHULZ – from ‘We the People’ He has been an ‘Oath keeper’ and ‘Tea Party member’ long before […]

Tom Cotton (R-AR) is the junior senator from Arkansas. In fact, Cotton has only been in the Senate for two months. He spent one term in the House of Representatives before making the leap to the upper house. Prior to his stint in elected politics, Cotton was a soldier in the Iraq War. He is […]


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