Things are escalating quickly in the public land use dispute between the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and a 67-year-old cattle rancher and his family.While Bundy’s family has grazed cattle on the land in question since the 1870s, the state decided to officially outlaw cattle grazing in the area in an Agenda 21-esque move back […]

A Delegation of state legislators, lead by Washington State Representative Matt Shea, along with a delegation of current serving Sheriffs, lead by Sheriff Richard Mack of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, and military and police members of Oath Keepers, are converging on the site of a stand-off between federal law enforcement and Nevada […]

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The OATH KEEPERS are prepared to stand shoulder to shoulder with all law enforcement officers in the State of New York who are prepared to honor their individual oaths to the New York and U.S. Constitutions in defense of Liberty and to protect all New Yorkers’ unalienable right of self-defense for themselves and their families.


If we join together in 2014 as one united force to defend Liberty, we can take America back!


Added together, these individual “threads of change” (presidential executive orders, laws passed in the middle of the night with no one reading them, international agreements, ‘green’ regulations, carbon taxes, gun control legislation, etc) are placing American’s freedoms, liberty and sovereignty at risk


Despite the cries of the politicians and the compliant mewing of the credulous, the point of gun control is not public safety. It is to protect the rulers from the ruled. We acquiesce to their agenda at our considerable peril.


If you prefer liberty to tyranny, freedom to oppression, a constitutional republic to a banana republic, we ask that you join us in this most critical of causes.


This is the thrust of Oath Keepers’ new priority #1: aid local communities in establishing their disaster recovery/”business” continuity–or, in the words of Mr. Rhodes, “civilization preservation”–plans.


The New York State chapter of Oath Keepers is undergoing a transition of leadership as former chapter President, Glen Maine, hands over the reins to Acting President Bill Cooper.


This past Tuesday Oath Keepers joined other patriots from across the state of New York up in Albany to protest the anti-second amendment S.A.F.E Act passed by the state legislature last month.


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